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So Many Stories, So Much Love.
It's a love affair between owners and their Beetles. Each has their very own unique love story to tell. Hear what they have to say.

The Love For The Beetle.
All of them have a special bond with their Beetles, a bond that you can't put into words. It is simply an unexplainable kind of love.

The Godfather Of Beetle Fans.
Datuk Sunny Goh, the president of the Beetle Club might as well call the Beetle his soul mate. When asked what made him get a Beetle, he simply said that it was a natural progression. Both he and the Beetle go "hand in hand".

Rusty Gives Back.
The 1982 Beetle was old and rusty when Cliften got it. Hence, he named it "Rusty". He restored the Beetle to top-notch condition and started the Unity Drive, a convoy of Beetles for a non-profit movement.

Hot Off The Oven.
Patrick's mom got her Beetle the same year he was born. This makes both him and "Woggie" twins in a way. The Beetle is now his, but his mother would still drive it from time to time.

The South Bug.
His friends call him The South as he is from Seremban. Hence, it is only natural that Harjit's 1967 Beetle is nicknamed The South Bug. Both southern comrades have turned a lot of heads since his college days and Harjit, is simply loving it.

Not So Blue About Little Blue.
His father gave him a 1965 Beetle back when Lawson was still in high school. Lawson would bring his friends around town in his Beetle as his friends too, can't stop themselves from loving Little Blue.

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