Citer ni aku reka tyme matrik dulu untuk assignment english. Terjumpa pulak mase dok ngemas2 semalam. Ada yang ditambah oleh kawan aku dan ade yang aku baru tambah2 mase taip balik bende nih. Aku bukan reti sangat pon mengarang cite ni. Lagi2 cite english lak tuh. So, inilah hasilnye...Down with them all Smiley

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Jane stood in front the mirror height half of their body. She looked at the image of herself-turn left and right to make sure she looked perfect that night. She was so gorgeous. Her slender body was very suitable wore a black dress with a long red scarf around her neck. She heard a car stop in front of her house. She pimped through the window; a smile appeared on her face. Eric waited her princess with his blue Lancer car. Jane took five minutes to close all windows and the door. After she closed the door, she came to Eric. Eric, Jane’s fiancé open the door for his princess with sweet smile and he kissed Jane’s cheek. “Jane, you look so beautiful tonight,” said Eric. “Thanks my dear. Oh, where we are going for dinner? My stomach can’t stop singing.” Jane touched her stomach and they laughed.

Eric quickly started his car and brought Jane to an exclusive hotel. After half an hour, they arrived at the hotel. As they stepped in the hotel, the smooth song got through their ears. They chose the place near the glass wall. Jane saw many people walking along the pedestrian. A waiter came at their table to take the order. “Excuse me, may I take your order please?” said the waiter. Eric ordered a special dinner package for couple offered by the waiter. After that, the waiter leaved them with a sweet smile. Jane gazed at Eric. Eric had a pair of hazel eyes. His hair looked shiny because of the reflection of the light. He used a hair gel to neat his hair. He was charming with his tuxedo.

Ten minutes later, the waiter came with their meal. They enjoyed their dinner so much. They talking about their life, their future, making jokes then laughed together. After they finished their dinner, they walked together to the parking lot. The way to the parking lot is not too busy. The town looked so bright with the colourful light all over the building.

Before Jane got into the car, she saw a card slicked at the front window under the wiper. She took and read it. “Yellow Ribbon Project...Chris Smith?” She stared at the card. She hushed for a few second. Without an expectation she mentioned the name again. “Who is Chris Smith?” Eric glared at her. Jane realised that she had make a mistake. “I don’t know. I just read it from this card. Forget it.” Jane threw the card on the ground. “Hmm... alright. Let’s move.” Eric entered the car. Jane sat beside Eric. Before she closed the door, she took back the card and quickly put it in her handbag.

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At the campus; Jane carried a lot of books. They were so heavy. She hoped someone would help her carried them. It was so tired carrying those things from the fourth floor to the ground floor. Out of the blue, she ran into someone.

“Oops! Sorry. I’m sorry.” Jane picked all books that fell from her arms without looked at the guy.

“Never mind, girl. Lets I help you.” He helped Jane picked up them.

“Oh, thanks for your help...and sorry for what happened. “ Jane looked at him up and down. He wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans. He had a pair of gray eyes, a wide forehead a sharp nose. There was something special about him that make Jane interested to know more about him.

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The day was so bright. It would be great to hang up with friends, family or boyfriend. Jane slouched in a lazy chair. She took a magazine on the table and lifted up page by page. Her cell phone was ringing. “Hello my princess. What are you doing?” Jane smiled to hear Eric’s voice on the phone. She felt so bored since the morning. Eric asked her to go to the wedding boutique to arrange about their marriage.

Eric stopped his car at a petrol station. He went to the shop to buy some drinks. Jane stayed in the car while waiting for him. Jane explored the car. She opened the dashboard, CD cases and also placer. She did not looking for anything. She just wanted to see all things. Her cell phone fell from her lap because she moves so much. She took her phone under the chair. She found something weird-white powder in a wrapped plastic. It was looked like flour. She not believed what she had seen. It was a drug! How she can accept that her fiancé was a drug addict. Or maybe he was a drug distributor!

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Jane was fetter by a big problem. She had quarrelled with Eric. Eric was so mad because Jane knew about his secret. Jane din not want to break up their relationship because she do not want their parent disappointed. Therefore, she just kept going their relationship even though she knew Eric would not be a great leader their family later.

It was just a month before their wedding. There are just a few things were still not settle. Jane was so bored staying alone at home. Eric could not accompany her to go out. He said he had a lot of work to do. Instead of that, Jane brought herself to a mall. She did not want to buy anything, only a window shopping.

From the ground floor, she went to upper floor. From the shoes shop she went into the book store then to a gift shop. She saw a cute bear statue on the rack. She wanted to buy for Eric. She thought it could be put on his office desk. Then she saw a heart shape frame. She could put their photo in it. So, she took the frame and paid it.

On the way of stepping out of the gift shop, a girl comes through her. The girl sought for forgiveness from Jane. The girl was quite pretty. As Jane looked at the guy beside her, she shocked. Eric who was holding the girl’s hand quickly took away his hand. He was very surprised. His face turned as white as sheet.

Drop by drop tears wetted Jane’s cheeks. He threw the frame on her hand against the floor. Everybody looked toward them. Eric did not believe his eyes. Jane steeped in front of Eric. She glared with her sharp eyes into his eyes. He said nothing.

PAAANGG!! – A hard slap on his right cheek. “This is for your lies and making fool on me.”

PAAANGG!! Another slap on his left cheek. “This is for making me cry.”

DUUSH!! A punch got onto his stomach. He fell down. The girl next to him did not understand what was going on. She was confused.

“That’s for that frame.” Jane pointed to the pieces of broken frame on the floor. Jane leaved the crowd.

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One month ago at the park...

Chris held Jane’s shoulder. He stared at her. She looked down. Her face turned red. “Look at me, dear.” Chris made Jane looked at her by took up her chin. “Promise me that you will never leave me. Can you?” Jane nodded her head. “I promise.” Chris smiled. He held her hand and kissed it with tender. “I’ll keep it in mind. If you leave me, I rather kill myself than leaving without you.”

Jane pondered all day long. She did nothing else. She thought of Chris, her ex-boyfriend. Chris loved her so much, with all his soul. She did not know anything about him after her engagement with Eric. She remembered about the card in her handbag. She took out the card. She read every sentence on it. It told about an organization that helps to prevent teen suicide. Suicide...? “In loving memory of Chris Smith’ was a sentence that touched her feeling. Who is Chris Smith? Is it the person that she loves before? Is that really him? Many question get into Jane’s mind. She remembered her promise to Chris. She reminded again what Chris had told her. “I’m cruel! Chris dead! I’m sorry Chris...” Jane cried loudly.

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The phone was ringing. Nobody pick up the phone. Eric was told by Jane’s officemate that she did not come to the office for three days. Eric went to Jane’s house. He knocked the door so many times but nobody opened it. He tried to call her phone. He heard the ringing front the outside. That was mean Jane was in the house. Thinking of something bad happen to Jane, he climbed through the window to get into the house.

He kept calling Jane’s name. He went into her room. The room was so messy. He saw her lied on the floor. He ran towards her and put her head on his lap. He put his finger at her nose. No breath. There was an empty bottle of pills. In the bottle, it was a piece of paper. It was a note. In the note she left, she wrote: “I wish I could learned how to appreciate. I want my Chris. Sorry Mom and Dad. I hate you, Eric. – Jane, 11 Nov, 11.11 am.”

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Menanti Bermulanya...

Waaa.. masih ade 25 hari untuk kembali ke Penang.Shifty Smiley Sebenarnya aku penat dok uma nih.. cam banyak xtvt yang aku ley wat. Sebab ape? sebab aku nga pokai.. Hoho.. Waa...Rindu kat kengkawan sume.. Pekabo la agaknye.. Moga sihat2 la sumenye yer.

8 Jun ari tuh, sume kecoh pasal result. Result full tok final da kua la kate kan..Tapi kan, aku langsung tak pikir pasal tu.. Nape yer? Hooo.. Ade yang da taw ker?Hee.. jangan bengang2 yer.. Pada yang tak tahu lagi, actually next sem aku akan bergelar pelajar baru untuk kali kedua. Nape lak ek? Patutnye aku student 2nd year CS.. Tapi aku da retire. Mulai sem depan, aku akan bergelar 1st year student for School of Arts.

Apsal aku tuka k0s?Thinking Smiley Kesnyer aku da tak larat ngan CS. Da tak mampu nak follow da. Agak give up gak la. Disebabkan aku da tak paham ngan CS, so aku amek keputusan untuk tuka kos laen. Yela, dari aku dok terperuk kat CS tu tapi result hancusss.. Huh.. baek tak payah. Nasib tiada kekangan dari mana2 pihak. Susah rupenye nk tuka kos nih. Kena wat surat la, interview la.. Haih...Sabo jer la. Tapi takpe.. Bak kata orang, nak seribu daya, taknak seribu dalih.

Kepada rakan2 CS yang ku sayangi, kalian tetap di hati. Walaupun berlainan kos, tapi masih di U yang sama. Laen kali nak pegi karaoke ker, wayang ker jangan lupekan orang yang da kos laen nih.. Sob3...Upset Smiley
Wat ayat taching la pulak. Bye2 CS...

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